5 top tips on how to handle 2 under 2 on your own.

Hey mama,⁠

Do you have two little one’s close in age? Under 2 years old? This one is for you xx⁠

I do want to add that these tips are what I personally found helpful.. every child is different and every day is different. Right?⁠

Oky doky, time to head to the playground..⁠

  1. Preparation – Never underestimate how long it takes to get ready and in the car. Toddler wants to change outfit 3 times before hand remember? Plus the baby just got into the pot plants. ⁠
  2. What ever you do don’t forget ammunition! AKA Snacks! I call snacks ammunition because toddler’s need something to get them off the swing and back to the car. It also diffuses meltdowns and is a mood changer.⁠
  3. Meet a friend – Having another pair of eyes is a bonus, having someone watch your children whilst you go for a quick pee or feed the baby is another bonus, and having an adult convo is also a bonus.⁠
  4. Find a park away from main roads. If you have a speedy gonzales toddler like me who makes a dash for anything at the drop of a hat then at least you have time to put the baby down and not lose you S%$t.⁠
  5. Don’t plan too much & lower your expectations to very low. ⁠
    I have lovely ideas of taking the girls to the park or the beach, play, happy, mum sips a coffee and the sun is shining. ⁠
    This happens occasionally. ⁠

    I plan an outing in the morning then some outdoor time again the afternoon either backyard or park close by. Some day’s you get multiple meltdowns, a fussy teething baby and you forget to pack your own jumper. You question if it’s worth going out at all.⁠
  6. An extra tip because it’s a big deal taking them out solo 😉 Pack extra stuff in the car. We keep extra nappies, undies, swaddles, change of clothes and hidden snacks just incase. ⁠

    Find your own little routine, kids love that. Also don’t be afraid to spark a convo with the other mum with her two kids at the park. I’ve made some lovely friendships this way, we’re all in it together.⁠

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