Our Story

We birthed The Mama Collective to help mothers connect with each other and feel supported through their motherhood journey. Based on Jess’s personal experiences, she knew there would be other mama’s out there who need the same kind of love and support. It’s a one stop kinda shop! Premium baby swaddles, craft workshops for mama’s and coming soon is a much needed mama membership.

ABOUT the owner

Hi, I’m Jess!

I LOVE that you’re here! Thank you. Firstly, I should note that I’m a hand dye artist and mama to two beautiful girls. I created The Mama Collective to share my designs that you see on The Mama Collective swaddles and to create connection with mothers alike.

Have a nosey around our website, you’ll see beautiful premium swaddles, craft workshops and coming soon (very soon) is a much needed mama membership. I think you will love this.

The Mama Collective has been created based on my personal experience. I had minimal support throughout my journey, it brought me to call upon all the help I can get. It also made me realise how much mother’s need each other, products and services to get through each day.

With my two girls being less than two years apart, I need and needed all of this. So welcome to The Mama Collective family, you’ve found a village.

what I believe in


All mamas deserve to feel held & supported through their journey. We’re all in it together.


I believe that we need our village, we need to know where we can get support and we need to not feel alone through this.


I believe there is lightness with surrendering.