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Tips on how to navigate being a first time Mama..

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, your world changes in an instant. The disbelief, the excitement, the nerves and loads of questions start flooding in.

You are no longer the woman you were 5 minutes ago, you’ve entered motherhood. 

If you’re like me and have both terminated and miscarried pregnancies, then the disbelief sets in for a while. I felt relieved but also didn’t want to get my hopes up. What if this pregnancy doesn’t get to its gestation? Stay hopeful. There is timing for everything. This is a beautiful chapter where you grow and evolve.

From my own personal experience I want to share how I navigated my way through the highs and lows of motherhood for the first time. This is a brief run down btw! Perhaps you’re reading this and you’re pregnant about to welcome your little one into the world. If so, I’m sending you best wishes and big congratulations.

Here we go…

*Medical staff are impressionable, find someone like a midwife or doula who you can work with and work with YOUR body and pregnancy.
* You don’t need all the things to have a baby. For the first few days, the baby just wants you to feed them and wants to be with you all the time. Just get the essentials to start with.
* Do as much reading and research as you can about birth and postpartum. Podcasts such as Australian Birth Stories are an invaluable resource that will help.
* Plan your postpartum recovery as much as you plan your birth. It’s crucial to set visitation boundaries and plan to support your health.
* Remember that every mother and baby is different with different needs and all have different ways of doing things. Don’t get caught up with advice, opinions and comments that don’t sit well. In one ear and out the other.
* The day’s are long and some days are really hard… finding support to vent to or hire help around the house can take the load off.
* The first 12 months are a whirlwind, take the small moments to breathe in your baby as you know they grow so fast.
* It’s OK to not have your S$%T together. 
* It’s OK to do things different from previous generations.
* It’s OK to feel utterly and totally happy! Some people feel so happy and guilty they don’t struggle with something.
* Remember that having a plan is just a plan… its great to have one but allow room for plan B’s.

The best things I bought for pregnancy & postpartum…

* Find great quality supplements to support your hard working pregnant body
* Village for Mama recipe book to make and freeze meals for after having the baby
* Tens machine hire – helps labour pains
* Nipple cream and cold packs
* Modi body underwear
* Bassinet where you can co sleep
* Used our “The Mama Collective” baby swaddles to keep bub from startle reflex. Both stretch and cotton/bamboo are very handy
* Baby carrier wrap from The Mama Collective – helps to have two hands and have baby settled on your chest
* Big water bottle to stay hydrated!
* Zip baby wear. The amount of nappy changes in the early days is a lot, especially during the night you want to quickly change bub and get back to sleep.

There are so many more tips and products that I personally loved, however this post would be very lengthy!

Wishing you all the very best in your chapter. If you feel like a friend would love to read this please share it and comment below.

Love Jess x

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