Where’s the love gone? 5 tips to help reconnect after having a baby.

A topic that we don’t really share too much about. It’s true though, your relationship with people or your partner shifts. It faces challenges it never saw or felt before and the baby becomes number one. Understandably, our baby’s cannot survive without us.

Solo time becomes non-existent and couple time… what’s that again? 

So where’s the love gone? We haven’t even kissed each other for a few days.. or has it been a week? I forget. Anyway, the love hasn’t left the building, it’s just been put on the back burner. 

It’s not just the two of us anymore, and it takes huge effort to keep each other in the love lane. So here’s a few tips to rekindle..

1. Talk about it. Realise there’s been a connection drift and reassure each other of this amazing chapter you’re in. Reassure them that you will get time together again. The good news is that your relationship strengthens when it’s tested.

2. Ask your partner what they need. It could more help around the house or an hour to themselves.

3. Make an effort each day to say “I love you”

3. “You’re doing an amazing job”. Simple but very effective.

4. Do an act of service. It could be a simple cuppa tea, cook or order dinner or run a bath.

Keeping the communication lines open is a massive one during this chapter of parenthood. Honesty, openness and reassurance will go so far yet it won’t take much for you to do it.

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